Most Innovative Product Award 2012
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Tuesday, 12 August 2008 00:17

Our ‘Semi-Freddo desserts’

At Il Gelato we strive to always produce the highest quality products as well as look to develop new products, in line with our core value of “Innovation.

On May 17th, 2012 Il Gelato received the award for Most Innovative Product in the Show at the National Dairy Industry Association Of Australia Awards for our ‘Semi-Freddo desserts’.

It was a fitting and rewarding accolade for our company and production team, who have the collective vision to bring to our customers a range of artisanal style gelato, sorbet and desserts.

As well as our standard range of gelato and sorbets, Il Gelato has introduced a handmade Semi-Freddo range, which as its Italian name suggests is a partly frozen dessert and similar in texture to a mousse.

The winning product, the Semi-Freddo Desserts are beautifully presented in tall acrylic glasses and are available in 6 flavors [Ferrero, Crunchy Nut Pistachio, Wild -Berry, Tiramisu, Vanilla and Chocolate].

Being a Semi-Freddo, they are best removed from the freezer prior to serving, and left to come to room temperature for 15 minutes. This will enhance the flavors resulting in a luscious decadent dessert.

To be acknowledged at a national level for our innovation was a tremendous triumph. In addition we were awarded 9 silver medals for the various flavors and products that we entered.

The other winning products were: Vanilla bean gelato, wild berry yogurt gelato, Ferrero gelato, White Chocolate and coconut gelato, Macadamia gelato, Bacio gelato, Choc-Cherry sensation gelato, Torta Stefania and Torta Chocolat.

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